Looking for a financial controller for your business?

You can only plan for tomorrow if you understand what’s happening today.

Here at FIQ Solutions, we understand that each business is unique so we offer tailored financial services designed to meet both your short and long-term goals. As your financial controller, you’ll get a solution that provides a consistent and reliable way of reporting your financial performance. This works a great deal in helping your business grow and plan for the future.

We place a significant focus on building our client’s business and profitability as well as managing the complex compliance and regulation facets of the business. We are highly qualified accountants and interim finance managers with experience locally and abroad, in using the best GAAP practices and IFRS rules.

Our streamlined policies and procedures ensure your finance function is made easy and value is added to your team or business. We have short or long-term solutions to support your business at any stage of its life cycle. We help you meet your financial goals whether you have us on board for the long haul or for an interim financial position.

Financieel controller

Financial Controller Services

If you’re looking for a results-driven and confident Financial Controller to manage and improve your organization's financial performance and direct your annual account operations, we have you covered.

Our services include:

  • Preparing financial statements and reports
  • Analyzing financial data
  • Monitoring and coordinating internal and audit controls
  • Overseeing and preparing income statements
  • Participating in the budgeting process
  • Streamlining accounting functions and operations
  • Risk evaluation and management
  • Developing plans for business financial growth.

What sets FIQ Solutions apart?

What sets us apart? Our expertise and skills to manage the ongoing demands of the job. We follow regular technical training to ensure we remain abreast of the latest regulatory changes and we are able to implement best practice accounting standards in managing our client’s accounting needs.

We can provide annual or semi-annual financial reports that comply with the latest International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Allowing us to handle the financial reporting and advisory function of your business, you are less exposed to compliance risk and Directors are able to focus more on the performance of the company. You don’t want compliance to be a huge financial burden on the business.

We also have a wide scope of expertise when it comes to supporting clients when preparing and managing an audit of their tax and financial affairs.

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