Interim Finance Manager

The finance landscape is rapidly changing and businesses have to move and grow with it. Financial services are highly regulated and compliance with the IFRS adds another layer of complexity in addition to the operational aspect.

Regardless of it being a volatile space, companies and businesses have to disrupt, transform, and execute various financial processes to be successful. Hence the need for an experienced Interim Finance Manager.

With FIQ Solutions, you are guaranteed fast access to expert financial management that ensures you remain operational, IFRS compliant, and stay relevant to your customer.

Interim finance manager

Benefits of hiring an Interim Finance Manager

  • It gives you someone in your corner with expertise and experience to get your financial goals and objectives on track and organized.
  • They are motivated to put in the work needed in a start-up. They’ll be your financial controller and provide every interim financial service needed to build a solid financial block for your business.
  • Having worked for various businesses, they have the knowledge to work in almost every industry niche in the market today.
  • They have GAAP best practices at their fingertips knowing how to use the best policies and processes from the get-go.
  • They’ll expertly design your accounting and reporting systems in a way that business owners and managers can stay on their tasks and on track.
  • They play the ‘hired gun’ role in your business. So they’ll take care of your finances and when you’re ready, they’ll help you transition to an in-house financial manager.

Why FIQ Solutions


We have had decades of experience as financial managers working for various clients including Philips, Fleetpoint, Domino’s Pizza, Houghton, just to mention a few. This has gives us the expertise and financial know-how needed to work both at home and abroad. Working in environments in the EMEA and the U.S setting has ensured we are fully equipped to handle all compliance and regulatory financial issues of either country.

At FIQ, you are provided with agile solutions that keep up with all GAAP best practices and IFRS. We focus on your audit control, cash flow management, and financial statements, so you can focus on your passion.

Responsive and Quick Response Time

We are in a position to provide a quick turnaround for any projects. Whether it’s for three months or two years, we act immediately and we are operational from day one.

You are assured of improved compliance, timely delivery of financial statements, and enhanced decision making. As a result, you’ll build a more resilient organization that stands the test of time.

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